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Sodium Alginate

In printing and dyeing industry, Sodium Alginate is used as active dyestuff, which is superior than grain, starch and other sizing agents. Using Sodium Alginate as the printing paste would not affect the reactive dyes and dyeing process. The printed textile products have good permeability and plasticity with colourful pattern, clear line, high and symmetrical color yield. Sodium Alginate is the best sizing agent in current printing and dying industry, widely used in cotton, wool, silk, nylon and other kinds of textile printing, particularly applicable to the preparation of discharge printing paste. In addition, it can also be used as warp sizing, not only saving a large amount of grain, but also making the warp fibers without raising and with friction resistence, low breakage rate, thereby enhancing the efficiency of weaving, effective for both cotton fibers and synthetic fibers.

In addition, Sodium Alginate can also be used in paper making, chemical, casting, welding electrode sheath material, fish and shrimp bait, fruit trees pest control agent, release agent for concrete, water treatment with high polymer agglutination settlement agent etc.